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Hypersphere T-shirts


So, I had grand plans to unleash this T-shirt design last year but ended up flip-flopping between employment, freelance work and battling some demons…

Let’s just say that this particular project slipped down the list of priorities.

Having recently started a new, part-time contract at The University of Manchester (designing and developing healthcare apps), I was really keen to find something to keep me occupied during my off days without the pressures of client-focused work.

Finally getting this T-shirt out into the world seemed like a good place to start, so I tweaked the original design and submitted it to Cotton Bureau.

At the time of writing this post, the two-week campaign has hit 27 sales with just over 24 hours to go. If you're really quick, you can buy your very own Hypersphere T-shirt here.

The estimated $81 profit from Cotton Bureau sales won’t be sufficient to fund a run of UK-friendly T-shirts as hoped. Instead, I’ll be reinvesting the proceeds into a more affordable, limited edition of screenprints or Risograph prints.

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[Update: Monday, 9 April 2018]

Big thanks to everyone who supported the Cotton Bureau campaign!

It reached a grand total of 30 sales and shirts should be winging their way to customers very soon.

UK/EU edition now available via Mercht!

For friends on this side of the Atlantic, I've not forgotten about you. Head over to Mercht where you can get your very own UK/EU edition Hypersphere T-shirt for a limited time.

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