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March 14, 2015 - No Comments!

Make Some Noise!

Make Some Noise!

My good friend Simon turned 40 this year. To celebrate we joined a crowd of (mostly) greying, middle aged men at the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist "Renegades of Rhythm" show at Manchester's Albert Hall. I was inspired to cut a stencil of the popular refrain of the night, to which Simon would unfailingly respond, "NOISE!". Read more

January 22, 2013 - No Comments!



I started off 2013 with a strong desire build something. By hand.

I’d been considering building a Hackintosh for some time but couldn’t really justify the indulgence until my six year old Mac Pro workhorse decided it was time for the glue factory (which it inevitably did on my first working day of the year).

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January 11, 2013 - No Comments!


We're almost halfway through the first month of the new year so I'm already a little late in posting the obligatory 2012 recap. Soz.

You may have noticed that 2012 passed without the eagerly anticipated apocalypse. Check out a little festive mix I created to mark the non-event.

Personally, the year was a mixed bag, but the highs definitely outweighed the lows.

It started with a sad farewell to Stiff Rowlands, my agency of four years. Tears were shed.

I was lucky enough to continue working with The Rolling Stones and the success of the official Brussels Affair bootleg led to the redesign of Stones Archive and a further four bootleg releases.

I then had the great privilege of redesigning the official Rolling Stones website in time for their 50th anniversary. The site supported a whole host of activity in 2012: an exhibition, book, film, new tracks, greatest hits album, a takeover of Carnaby Street’s Christmas lights plus a handful of gigs.

Before the dust even had a chance to settle, I also worked on a couple of great projects with my friends at Pivotal. I’d love to tell you more about them but I’d probably have to kill you and that would be a shame.

My year ended on a high with a competition-winning logo design for Twestival.

So, 2013 arrived.

I actively try to avoid making resolutions, but here are some things I’d like to achieve in 2013:

• Build a Hackintosh to replace an obsolete Mac Pro
• Contribute to the recently revived TEFOSAV - there are already T-shirts in the works and hopefully more to come
• Brush up on my coding skills which have been somewhat neglected in recent years
• Create some screenprints
• Learn some carpentry (if only to avoid the hellish trips to IKEA)
• Read and re-read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” until it’s second nature
• Work on some exciting, new projects

First up is the Hackintosh as some of the above items will be a bit tricky without it. The parts are ordered, now I’m just waiting on delivery so I can get cracking with the build. Watch this space.